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California, USA


Use the small set of buttons above to see details of our options on Body Styles, available wood types, pickups and electronics options, hardware (bridges, tuners etc) and what finished can be applied to your instrument.

At this time, our basses come in four different body shapes, ranging from the more conservative or traditional model to the more radical model. Our guitars are currently available in two different body shapes. Both our basses and guitars are available in both neck-through and bolt-on configurations, along with a "headless" option. In their basic forms, our instruments include a 5-piece tapered-laminate neck, ebony fingerboard, Hipshot bridge, Watson, Bartolini or Nordstrand pickups. There are many additional enhancements available, which we will be listing soon on these pages.

We believe there is room in the guitar industry for innovative design and out-of-the-box thinking. From our traditional to modern, unconventional looks, our instrumens are definitely still comfortable to wear and play, well balanced and not neck heavy. They have tapered stringers, top quality hardware and many choices on hardware and electronics.

Obviously your guitar can be built with any combination or woods you might like. Fretboards can be ebony, rosewood, maple, purpleheart, pau ferro, bloodwood or snakewood. We can consult with you to achieve the right combination of woods for the look and sound you have in mind.

It is important for our customer to know that we are willing to build just about any instrument, in any design and configuration, with any electronics, bridges, pick ups, tuners, etc. The sky is the limit in our capabilities and willingness to give our customer the instrument of their dreams -- whether it is one of our designs or theirs!

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Last updated January 21, 2009