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These links DO change over time. We would like to highlight some internet links to products and services that we believe to be the best of the best. We encourage you to have some fun browsing through them - you never know what useful information you might find!

Audere Audio
Audere Audio produce a selection of some of the most advanced on-board electronics options available for electric guitars. Their quality is second to none if you haven't heard of them, click on the image to see their web site. We use Audere preamps in our bass guitars.
Hipshot Products
Watson Guitars uses Hipshot products on their basses. Hipshot produce top quality bridges, tuners and other guitar hardware. Their unriavalled quality makes Hipshot the choice for a large percentage of custom instrument builders and repairers.
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Musical Instrument Makers Forum
This site is an amazing resource for anyone who has ever thought of building or repairing a musical instrument. Here you can find friendly people with limitless expertise on instrument design, construction and repair.
B&B Rare Woods
This is a supplier of veneers for artists and craftsmen in Colorado, USA. Their service is exceptional and Dave definitely deserves a mention on this page for being such a good vendor. We still use B&B veneers in all our instruments.
Eisenbran Exotic Hardwoods
A great resource for exotic hardwoods in Torrance, CA. They always stock a great selection of material and Clayton will let you poke through all the stock to fin just the right pieces! They will also ship you wood to your specifications.
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Bass Player Magazine
The ultimate reference for all bass players, Bass Player Magazine has excellent articles and equipment reviews for beginners to professionals.


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