Watson Guitars
California, USA

Watson Guitars is a friendly and very approachable small business. We consider customer service one of our highest priorities. Whether you contact us via telephone or email, you can be assured of a quick and friendly response, and the chance to discuss your bass or guitar needs in detail.

Watson Guitars was started as a concept in November 2004, when we our initial investment in some basic tooling and materials necessary to manufacture musical instruments. Since that time, we have invested in more sophisticated tooling to meet the needs of our growing market. We hand build a modest quantity of top quality guitars and basses every year. Our instruments are built by hand from premium quality exotic hardwoods and hardware.  We look forward to making dreams come true for those musicians who not only want the best, but also something different and unique. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments affecting Watson Guitars, check our Latest News page from time to time.


Bass Player Magazine is the leading publication for bass players in the US and many other countries. The Idyllwild Town Crier is our local weekly newspaper. They featured us shortly after we moved here.
The Press Enterprise is a weekly newspaper serving Riverside County. Under The Sun is a magazine circulated in Northern San Diego County.

Alex Watson is a luthier originally from Inverness, Scotland who now lives and works in Southern California, USA. Alex has been building guitars for over 30 years and decided that it was time to change from a hobby to a commercial enterprise.  As an engineer and a bass player, he has the right kind of background and knowledge to extend the boundaries of guitar building.

Alex started building guitars in his late teens. He is also a bass player and former manufacturing engineer, trained in his native country of Scotland. His lifetime as a bass player, gift as an artist, love of music and background in engineering have come together to allow him to craft instruments that combine the needs of the musician with precision engineering attributes that are bringing a new generation of stringed instruments to the industry.We put a lot of work into our instruments.

Everything is carefully hand crafted to get the very best out of the materials and tools we use. Each guitar is built as if Alex was going to be the owner and player himself.  Given the amount of hours spent on each instrument, they become a bit like children to us! Each one gets a helping of engineering, a guitarist’s instinct and more than just a wee bit of traditional Scottish craftsmanship.

Last update September 17, 2011