Watson Guitars
California, USA


As of December 2006, we had two established body styles for basses and guitars. We have now introduced two NEW bass body styles - details below.

Body Style 1 - image coming soon! See an example..
2 This body style is what we call the "Alien Queen". The resulting instrument is very eye catching. The body is well balanced and comfortable to play. Increased access to the upper frets allows for more than the usual 24 frets. See an example..
3 This is our third body style - a single-cut shape. The single-cut shape adds some extra stability to the neck. It will be featured on both our neck-through and bolt-on models. See an example.. 4 This is our fourth body style. Good shape for sitting or standing, relief for the player's arm plus, if necessary, this bass will stand on its own without an instrument stand due to the shape at the end of the body. See an example..
Last update April 22, 2007