Watson Guitars
California, USA


The finish on a bass or guitar can make a significant difference on how the wood looks, the sound of the instrument, and the 'feel' when playing it. On custom orders the finish we apply is commonly the personal choice of the customer. When we build to our own specifications, quite often the woods we use in the instrument will determine the choice of final finish.

We can provide instruments with the following surface finishes:

High Gloss Polyester resin This is the finish of choice for our top instrument models. The finish is a very high glass-like gloss which is hard and very resistant to scratches. Because of its high gloss and extremely flat and even surface - it tends to bring out the best of the color and grain of the natural woods we use. It is also a very good sealant and protects the bass from the effects of changes in humidity.

Satin Finish We offer a satin finish to those customers who prefer a less reflective finish. This is still based on the very hard and resistant Polyester resin formula with the addition of a special top coating. For some musicians, the satin finish is preferred, especially on the back of the neck.

Oiled Finish We also offer an oil finish on certain woods. This sometimes will result in a cost savings as it is somewhat less expensive to apply. It will result in a very pleasing smooth matte surface which for some customers provides a much more natural feel. There is also a subtle difference in the sound of an instrument with an oiled finish.
Last update January 9, 2008