Watson Guitars
California, USA


Below you can see some photos of our workshop as it exists at the moment.
The following three photos show the machinery area of our workshop. It is constantly in a state of continuous inprovement so I will post updated photos as often as necessary. Also photos of our clean room which we use for assemble and repair work.

Above: Our shop is around 1500 square feet. It is divided into two parts: A production area where we manufacture the instruments, and a Clean Room where we do assembly and testing. The Clean Room can be seen through the door to the right.

Above: This is the area of our shop where I do the manual work. Filing, carving, sanding etc. Plenty of workbench space and hand tools available on the walls.

Above: Here is the area of the shop where the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines live. The machine in the foreground has a work area of 39 inches by 25 inches, the new one in the background can handle 50 inches by 50 inches.

Right: (11/3/07) One of the new pieces of manufacturing equipment in our shop is Andy the guitar tech. He has a passion for guitars and is very interested in the building process. He is spending a couple of days a week in our shop helping with production. In return, he plans to build a dream guitar for himself using the facilities in our workshop.

Andy has been very helpful so far getting new projects under way. We always have plenty of work to do on new instruments and the extra pair of hands makes a huge diffeence in our ability to meet upcoming deadlines.

Here you can see Andy setting up the ornamental mill to cut tapered stringers for one of our neck-through basses.

Last update November 3, 2007