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Idyllwild is a village in the San Jacinto Mountains above Palm Springs, California. It is located one mile above sea level but enjoys long sunny summers and short picturesque winters. Population is just above 3500 but the village enjoys a healthy year round tourist industry.

Idyllwild is a community with a very high percentage of artist and musicians. There are numerous art galleries in the village and it's a great place to spend a day shopping for something unusual in the many stores that feature work from local artists. There is live music in many venues in the village, especially in the summer. Idyllwild also has a summer program of Concerts in the Park, where on a Thursday evening you can attend a free concert at a local park featuring local bands and also bands who come from all over Southern California. In August the village hosts the annual "Jazz in the Pines" festival which presents well known artists on the campus of the Idyllwild Arts Academy..

Left: (12/1/2007) This shot is interesting for two reasons. One is that it's the view from the front of our shop looking at the 10,000 + foot peak of Marion Mountain.

The other reason is that this photo is showing the first snow of the winter season (the white stuff at the top of the mountain) which happened this year on the first of December..

We are at 5000 feet so we may not get snow at this level for a while, but you never know!

We usually don't see much snow until January, and we may get frequent snow showers until March. It's a short and usually sunny winter.

Last update December 4, 2007