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This is a legitimate question I would expect from any prospective buyer, especially since there are several excellent luthiers out there building beautiful guitars. However, we are determined to provide the discriminating bass player with an exciting alternative instrument. As a Watson customer, we will do everything we can to exceed all expectations.

The following list highlights some of the main reasons why we feel a Watson Guitar is a sound choice in today's market:

Value for Money
Although we are not in the cheapest end of the bass guitar market, we are confident that the instruments we produce are somewhat less expensive than other hand built instruments in their class. We build them to the best possible quality as efficiently as our process allows. Pricing reflects what it costs us to make an instrument combined with what keeps us competitive and a good value in the marketplace.
Something Different
Every guitar player and bass player wants to be unique. Musicians define themselves by their musical styles, their sound, even their physical appearance. We build something unique into every one of our instruments giving the musician one more way to define themselves. When you play a Watson you will have an instrument that will be one of a kind, just like you are! We are one of the few builders today who still takes custom orders, in addition to offering our own impressive, unique instrument designs.
Visual Impact
Currently, our guitars fall into two different styles and our basses fall into three different styles, these styles are sure to be expanded as our customers demand. We put a great deal of effort into making each instrument different and unique. This does sometimes require extra work, but we feel the visual impact of the finished instrument makes this worthwhile. These will be instruments that will have people asking for a closer look. We have some great plans for upcoming instruments so make sure you visit the 'instruments' page often! As mentioned above, we are also willing to create custom instruments to customer specifications.
As a former Manufacturing Engineer and a bass player, I have come to admire the exquisite work that can be found in hand made instruments.There are many bass and guitar makers out there who produce instruments that are technically impressive and beautifully made. I will tolerate no less in our instruments. I use my 25 years of engineering experience to design and build a technically sound instrument, my artistic eye and talent to create a visually stunning instrument and over 30 years of luthier and woodworking experience to select woods for a unique sounding instrument. As a bass player, I combine this experience to strive for the best sound, playability and comfort for the musician, along with a true work of art.
We start with quality woods. These woods are selected both for their overall contribution to the sound and the weight of the finished instrument as well as for the overall appearance. In our instruments, the neck continues as one piece right through the body. This provides a continuous path for string vibration from one end of the instrument to the other, optimizing the transfer of energy from the strings to the body. This results in better sustain of notes, therefore better output from the instrument through the pickups. After extensive research and design, we are proud to feature our own Watson Pickups in our instruments. Of course, we also offer Carey Nordstrand and Bartolini pickups upon request. Finally, we feature our own Watson pre-amp system, specifically designed and produced for us by McKeen, giving an already great sound even more enhancement and manipulation. Of course, both pick ups and electronics can also be customer specified on special order instruments.

Limited Availability
We do not intend to become a guitar factory. Our current capacity is around 10-15 instruments a year. While that may very well increase as we standardize and streamline our processes, we will still only build a modest amount every year. You can be confident that if you order and purchase a Watson Guitar or Bass, you will own a truly unique instrument, unto itself. Want something no one else has? Not only will there be very few to go around, but each one will have unique characteristics making it one of a kind. We still have a single-digit serial number instrument available for sale, so it's a great time to get one of these early models!

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Last update August 29, 2008