Watson Guitars
California, USA


We have all experienced the overall decline in customer service in the marketplace over the past years. We want to try and bring back the feeling that the interaction between the vendor and the client is a friendly and cooperative experience. We consider our customer service to be one of our highest priorities and to that end we extend the following commitments to those with whom we do business:

Prompt Responses
We are available by telephone (951) 240-1666, or by e-mail watsonguitars.email@gmail. No matter how you choose to contact us, we are commited to responding to you promptly. In most cases it will be the same day. It may be the same hour if we are available.We know what it's like to send a question off to some anonymous office and never hear anything back except maybe an computer-generated acknowledgement!
Good Vendor Relationships
No business can survive without good relationships with those companies who supply the vital parts and processes which help make every guitar a success. Tere is our main contact with our vendors and she does a wonderful job of establishing good communication and working relationships with our partners in the industry. This allows Alex to focus on building product we and our customers will be proud of!
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Last update 12/9/2006