Watson Guitars
California, USA


Our philosophy as individuals and as a business is not only to provide the best product we can in terms of design and manufacture, but to do that with an original and unique twist, making each instrument a distinct individual.

We commit to the following business values and practises as they apply to Watson Guitars

Every Instrument gets 100%
We build as many instruments as time permits in a given year. That's still a modest amount averaging around two a month. We are able to concentrate on each instrument with a priority on making each one as perfect as we can. As we have said before, each one is built as if it was going to be our own. Every guitar that leaves our hands and goes out into the world is an ambassador for out company and its reputation!

Hand Built Means Exactly That
Although we employ many spohisticated woodworking tools in the building process, these machines require the skill and judgment of an experienced operator, the knowledge and 'feel' for correctly working with dozens of different hardwoods, and a hands-on methodology that guarantees good results in every operation in the process. Our guitars are the result of a huge amount of hours that goes into building a hand crafted instrument. You would be surprised at the huge proportion of hours spent working directly by hand on an instrument versus the comparatively tiny amount of hours using wood cutting machinery! Hand built instruments have a character and attention to detail that can not be found on high-volume production instruments.

Customer Service is Part of Building Guitars
Our commitment to our customers
is very important. Once you become a member of the exclusive Watson Guitars owners' club, we will try to make the entire experience of owning one of our instruments a good one. From quoting to after-sales service we are committed to comprehensive support to our customers.

Only The Best Materials
We will not compromise on poor quality materials. When you buy a Watson Guitar or Bass, you will be assured that the parts and materials used in its construction are of the best available.

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Last update 1/27/2006