Watson Guitars
California, USA


In recognition of the fact that men and women are built differently, so too should the basses in the high-end marketplace be available, not just for male bassists, but female bassists too. It is a priority for us to design and produce high end, boutique style, custom bass guitars that fit the female physique. These instruments have all the same features, performance and standards as any of our finest instruments, but will take into consideration the following: scale length, physical dimensions, ergonomics and weight. These accommodations will be made WITHOUT compromising the performance, playability and visual appeal consistent with our top of the line instruments.

In the coming months we will be building a prototype of thgis bass. It will be 33 inch scale and will be crafed for balance, weight and comfort for female bass players. The shorter scale length creates certain challenges for maintaining clarity in the lower frequencies, especially for basses with a low B string (or lower). We will be engineering these basses to compensate for this, with a goal of producing clear and distinct tone from the E and B strings.

Our bass 07B015 is the first prototype for the shorter-scale basses.

Our bass 08B019 is another example - a 33" scale 5-string

Our latest bass 09B027 for Women will be a 31" scale 4-string

Last update April 29, 2009