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BASS PLAYER NICK VERBIC of the Chicago band AXIS, a Jimi Hendrix tribute

Our bass number 06B005 went to Nick Verbic, Chicago bass player for the Jimi Hendrix tribute band AXIS.

Nick saw this bass on our web site and fell in love with it, even before it was completely finished. He is a really nice guy and we are very happy to be able to match up the right bass with the right bassist. Now that it's finally in Nick's hands, he has been kind enough to send us the following comments:

"Hi Alex & Tere, WOW ! No doubt I'm keepin' my new Instrument...First thing I noticed is how light the bass is. There's alot of 'sounds' packed into those pickups and pre-amp, I've read good things about the Nordstrand pickups and they appear to be true. I play in a 'hard rock' band and these p.u's are LOUD ! so its a good match...The gloss finish is beautiful and the combination of the various woods and the 'build quality' is Breathtaking !

When you mentioned that the control cavity cover used magnets instead of screws I was impressed, now having experienced it, it should be 'standard equipment' on all guitars and I really like the battery clip...The 'tuners' are very smooth and the truss-rod is very responsive. Also the the bass balances very nicely sitting or standing. The 'birdseye maple' fretboard too is very beautiful."

And in another email Nick continues:

"Hi Alex 'n' Tere...I used my New Bass at a 'full blown' rehearsal yesterday and it did NOT disappoint ! It sounds GREAT and it felt like an 'extension' of my body...and those p.u's are HOT ! I was also very impressed with the Aguilar pre-amp, there's a boat-load of 'bottom' there and the 'highs' especially sounded very 'rich' and ''full' not harsh or brittle......So again thank you both, you've made this bassplayer VERY happy..also the first response I got was that it looked like a 'spaceship' ! very cool...Please take care....Nick..."

Nick has been playing bass since the late 60s and now owns several top-of-the-line bass guitars. His new Watson bass should leave an impression on the ears and eyes of audiences at his gigs.

Here's a link to Nick's band AXIS. They perform a very convincing show recreating the energy and excitement of a live Jimi Hendrix concert. Go to the AXIS web site and check out their performance schedule for a night out to remember!


If you're in the Chicago area, and you want to re-live the Jimi Hendrix Experience, please go and check them out at one of their shows.
Last update 02/05/2007