Watson Guitars
California, USA


How do we set our products apart from the rest? There are many great guitar builders out there and each one of them has a style that separates them from the others. In a world with so many innovative instrument builders it's not easy to come up with unique designs that are distinct enough from others to be recognized as our own.

Not only do we have to provide a unique design that identifies its maker, we also have to consider the comfort, balance and weight of the instrument. This forces us into parameters that all luthiers face. The guitar has to fit, it has to balance and it has to have the right characteristics to allow it to be worn for what could be a 4-hour gig. Furthermore, the player wants more than a comfortable guitar. In order to focus on playing the instrument, a guitar almost has to become part of the musician's body. It is important that the guitar itself does not become a distraction to the act of making music.

Also, a guitar design is important to the musician from an aesthetic point of view. Firstly, the musician has chosen this instrument because it appeals to him or her on an artistic level. You see yourself playing that guitar and it fits your image of how you want to be seen. It's part of what defines you as a musician. Like like buying a car, we all have budget restraints, we all use our cars for the same basic purposes, but each of us likes or dislikes certain models. We can't appeal to every player, but we hope that some of them will look at our instruments ans say "I can see myself playing one of those"

Watson instruments will be well built, great sounding, uniquely designed instruments. Since we will only be building a modest amount every year, they will also assure you that you will be playing something very few others will own. Define yourself with a Watson guitar!


Last update 1/27/2006