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5-string E-Series Watson J-Bass (Serial 14B061)
Bolt On

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Materials: Top: Quilted Maple Neck: Maple and Sapele
  Body: Mahogany
Fingerboard: TBA
Pickups: Watson
Hardware: Hipshot
Options: Audere 4-band
Finish: TBD - likely with a colored tint on this beautiful figured maple

Everybody likes a 5-string Jazz Bass style instrument. Here we have an amazing hybrid where the body is very slightly smaller than industry standard for comfort, workmanship refinements are second to none, and the build quality and sound are incredible. This will be a beautiful and technically advanced J-bass and I will update this page as this instrument progresses.

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Marked out location of neck recess - first chance on cnc I will get that cut!.
(2/10/17) Left: Not much time to work on this bass due to the priorities of the custom work I am doing. I did get the body and neck markes for cutting the neck recess into the body. (2/27/17) Right: I decided to use a Rosewood fingerboard as it will blend nicely with whatever treatment we give the final instrument.
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Rosewood fingerboard attached to substrate for machining.

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Neck with the heel end machined down to final thickness. The tapered lamnates match exactly!.
(11/1/16) Left:This photo to shows the match between the neck laminates and the body core laminates which end up creating a continuous tapered theme through the whole bass. (1/14/17) Right: Time to get things moving on this bass again so that I can get it up for sale! I cut and rough shaped the headstock today.
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Headstock now much closer to finished profile.

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The neck perimeter has now been established.
(10/15/16) Left: I have now machined the perimeter of the neck to its final size. Next task will be to cut truss rod and carbon fiber slots. (10/21/16) Right: More machining completed and now we have the truss rod slot cut and the truss rod sucessfully fitted into the neck. All I have to do now is cut the two slots for carbon fiber rods!
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Got the truss rod slot geometry machined into the neck!.

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Starting work on the neck.
(10/5/16) Left: The neck of the bass is up on my CNC and I have just surfaced the top joint face. I will also be cutting it to its final widths and machining the headstock area too. (10/10/16) Right: I machined the upper surface of the headstock with its curve up to the neck surface. I will veneer this surface to match the body top.
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Cutting the headstock surface.

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gluing the top plate onto the body in the vacuum press.
(9/14/16) I have had this bass on the shelf for a long time and haven't done anything to it because I have been simply too busy to get to it. I saw it today and thought I should try to get it finished since it could end up being someone's favorite 5-string bass! It has all the ingredients for being a really awesome J-Bass and the top will look great with a tint. As time permits I will get the neck machined so that I can fit it to the body!

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gluing the top plate onto the body in the vacuum press.
(7/12/14) The body and top are now being glued together inside the vacuum press. This method allows even pressure to be distributed over the entire surface of the body and ensured a very clean and even joint. Getting the top glued on allows me to be able to cut neck pocket, pickup holes, control cavity and a number of other features. It shoul dend up being a beautiful looking bass as the top wood is quite impressive!

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Top plate prepped and sanded - ready for assembly.
(6/28/14) This is the maple top plate which I am preparing so that I can get it glued onto the instrument body. It has been sanded both sides and has had some decorative veneer applied to the underside joint face. This maple top will look very nice when finished and will give us many options on color tints if we decide to go with a color or a sunburst. There is a lot of really nice figure in the grain of this top so we will do something cool to bring it out!

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Body being machined on CNC.
(6/21/14) I have the body blank on the CNC just to clean up the top surface. It will be drum sanded so that it is ready for the top plate. The combimation of the maple and mahogany always works well for a bass like this both in sound and in aesthetics. The multi-laminate neck will be very strong and the neck and body core will look really nice together. Now I have to get the parts glued together so that I have a complete body to work with.

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Quilted maple top ready to glue together for the top plate.
(6/3/14) This is a photo of the two top plates after having been machined so that they can be glued together. I know that this curly maple material will look awesome on the finished instrument and also that it will accept any color tint that may be necessary. If I don't get a buyer by the time I have to finish this instrument I will probably use a transparent black or a sienna sunburst. Either way it will look very impressive!

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Top bout of the body being glued onto the core.
(5/26/14) I cut the top and bottom body bouts out of mahogany and rough sawed them to shape. I then machined accurate joint faces on each piece. I maple veneer was glued onto each joint face and the sub-assembly was then cleaned up. Now I am able to glue the body pieces together. In the photo the top bout is being glued onto the body core. I'll add the bottom bout as soon as I have time and we'll have something that looks like a bass!

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Core of the body and the neck laminates are now glued together.
(5/20/14) All the various tapered components have now been successfully glued together. I can now start the machining process on each of these pieces. I want to get the rest of the body cut, machined and assembled so that I can glue the quilted maple top on and have a complete body to work with. The neck will go up on the CNC soon for various machining operations. They are looking good so far - very lightweight and resonant.

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Gluing the tapered laminates of the nack and body.
(5/12/14) I am busy gluing all the tapered laminates together. Each one of them has had a contrasting veneer glued to both joint surfaces, and when they are all together that will create a very attractive double pinstripe between each tapered laminate. A lot of detail work involved in that - but I always feel it is well justified in the finished product. I want to get this bass to the point where it is a complete assembly as soon as possible.

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Top plates veneered and ready to glue together.
(4/27/14) I am using a nice piece of quilted maple for the top of this bass. I have already resawn it from its parent material and sanded the bookmatched pieces to the finished thickness. I then glued two veneers to the bottom surface as a decorative highlight. They are now reay to have the joint faces machined. That will allow me to glue them together into one complete top. It is still a littl;e oversize until I glue it onto the body.

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The tapered laminates are ready to glue together.
(4/22/14) The separate tapered laminates have been machined and vaneered with dark veneer against the light woods and light (maple) veneer against the dark woods. They are all now ready to be gued together. Once these laminates are glued together we will have a neck blank and a body core that will allow us to move rapidly forward. The materials we are using will yield a great tonal response so I am looking forward to seeing what this bass will dweliver!!!!

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Starting work on the core pieces of this bass.
(4/15/14) From humble beginnings... I just got this bass started. A few days ago I made a couple of new templates that were updated based on my last batch of J-Basses (which came out very well). These upcoming ones will have a few engineering changes to keep raising the bar towards the best a J-Bass can possibly be. This particular one will have a maple and sapele neck. In the photo I have rough sawn the forst few pieces of maple.
Last update April 8, 2014