Watson Guitars
California, USA

Maple/Purpleheart 6-string active bass (Serial 06B003 )

Materials: Flamed Maple and Purpleheart with Purpleheart and Walnut double veneers. Matching Purpleheart knobs and continuous grain control cavity cover cut from parent material.
Fingerboard: Gabon Ebony
Pickups: Norstrand Big Singles with custom Purpleheart covers.
Electronics: Aguilar OBP-3
Bridge: Hipshot-A
Hardware: Black
Tuners: Gotoh GT350 35 gram.
Finish: High Gloss Ployester Resin over tiger-eye stain.

This bass has some very nice features. Firstly, the combination of maple and purpleheart gives the instrument a bright tone with great sustain. The instrument is light and very rigid and amazingly comfortable to play. It has a beautiful high gloss finish and looks very classy. The bass has a huge sound and more than enough tone for any bass playing situation.

Pickups are Nordstrand Big Singles which have an amazing tonal range. They are installed in custom purpleheart pickup covers. Combine that with the Aguilar OPB-3 electronics and this bass definitely delivers the goods! The sound is extremely punchy with a clear sustained low end.

This instrument was tinted to achieve a process called "Tiger Eye" The figure in the maple looks great. Colors are very warm. The compact body is very comforable both sitting and standing, the neck profile is thin and feels more like a 5-string than a 6, even though the string spacing is 18mm.

Above: Here's a recent full shot of the front of this beautiful bass. Also to the right - a shot of the back.

Below are detail shots of the front and back of the bass.


Left: A nice shot of the Tiger-Eye finish. hard to see in this shot but there are two veneer laminations between every piece of wood. One purpleheart and one walnut.

Below: Back view showing the cavity cover made from the same parent material with a purpleheart edge trim.

The gloss finish by Rene Rodriguez of All Wood Finishes is awesome.

Above Left :This photo shows the copper lining of the pickup cavities and the installed potentiometers.
Above Right: This is a photo of the back of the bass before finishing. Shows the matching control cavity cover with purpleheart trim.

Below: The bass as it was right after installing the frets.

Last update December 4, 2007