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5 String neck-through active bass. (Serial 06B001)
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Materials: Wenge and Purpleheart with Hawaiian Koa veneer between laminations. 5 piece neck has tapered stringers, truss rod and 2 carbon fiber rods. Graph-Tech Nut.
Fingerboard: Gabon Ebony with 26 frets (over 2 octaves!)
Pickups: Nordstrand Big Singles mounted in custom Wenge covers
Electronics: Aguilar OPB-3 3-Band with selectable mid-range switch (Hi and Low Mid).
Bridge: Hipshot 17mm spacing
Hardware: Black
Tuners: Hipshot Ultra Light.
Finish: High Gloss Polyester Resin.

I have personally played this bass recently and have continued to be impressed with its sound and how easy it is to play. It reminds me of the Victor Wooten sound, so even if you can't play like him you can at least sound like him!

This 5-string bass is a great deal for the workmanship and sound it offers. It's a great instrument for the 4-string player thinking about going to 5-string. The neck and string spacing are much more like a 4-string and it plays very easily as it has a slightly more radiused fingerboard, somewhat like a Fender® neck. By the same token, this light and compact instrument is also perfect for those female bass players who have been searching for a bass that really fits!

This is actually the first production bass we started with, hence its serial number (06B001). The neck is created with tapered laminations of wenge and purpleheart, each separated by a veneer of hawaiian koa. The body is wenge with purpleheart plates front and back, again with hawaiian koa details. The result is a very pleasing contrast of woods.

Wenge is a great wood for tonal qualities, and purpleheart has a tendency to extend the sustain of lower frequency bass notes. The bass sounds awesome, super tight low notes and crystal clear highs. It is fitted with a Gabon Ebony fingerboard. This bass has a small compact body and feels light and comfortable.

This bass is fitted with a Hipshot bridge, very punchy Nordstrand pickups and an Aguilar OPB-3 Electronics package including a mid-range frequency switch (like having two mid range controls for low and high mids). This further enhances the instrument's performance by providing a great deal of control over its tone. The purpleheart contributes to a great low end and sustain and looks beautiful.

The neck-through design of this bass is very elegant and is also very comfortable to play. The bass is very easy to play - great for soloing! Scale length is 34.5" so it has a super strong low-B!

Top left: Matching Wenge pickup covers and knobs

Above: Full shot of the bass in front of our company truck

Left: Carey Nordstran big single pickups in custom Wenge pickup covers.

Below: Close up of the neck detail, there is a purpleheart strip running alont both edges of the ebony fretboard. This bass has over 2 octaves of frets (26)

Top left: Shot of the beautiful natural color of this bass. You can also see the matching pickup covers and knobs.

Above: the compact headstock and Hipshot Ultra-Light tuners

Right: Nice photo of the back of the bass. The purpleheart and wenge look great together. The control cavity cover is secured by magnets and released using a single screw. This maks an emergency battery change really convenient and quick!

The cavity cover itself matches the wood grain as it was cut from the same location. It has a 1/8 inch wenge trim around its perimeter.

Left: back of headstock before finishing.
Above: nice shot of body after Polyester coating.

This is an early photo of the basic parts of the bass. Body halves are rough cut and neck-through laminates and truss rod/carbon fiber slots are done.

Above you can see what the bass looked like shortly after the basic components were created. In this case we decided to use pins turned from wenge to locate the body halves onto the center core. The pins supplement the strength of the glued joint - this bass should be indestructible!

This photo shows the body after the sides were attached to the center section.

This photo shows some more detail of the body laminates and the fretboard binding
Last update October 5, 2008